Rotary At Work (RAW): Plant Your Age Project - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

You too can participate at the tree planting on POSTPONED

By Phoebe Gitau, RAW Country Officer

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Added on March-30-12

On Mon February 27th I sent you an email about a great opportunity for Rotarians at Work through the "Plant Your Age" Project. We have been looking forward to the launch date of March 31st. However, due to the delay of the onset of the long rains, we have to postpone the launch until further notice. The launch date was selected in November 2011 after consultations with our project partners – Kenya Forestry Service and Kenya Metrological Department. For trees to grow successfully, the ground needs to have received at least 7 days of rain prior to planting.

As soon as we are informed when it's best to launch this project, we will advise you. Thank you for all your support, calls and emails. Let's hang on to our vision of a cleaner and greener environment.

Kind regards,

Rtn. Phoebe Gitau, Rotarians at Work Country Officer.

This was the original article as published on Feb 27th:

I present to you a great opportunity for Rotarians at Work (R.A.W) – the "PLANT YOUR AGE PROJECT" that will be launched on March 31st

What is the project: An initiative geared towards restoring Kenya's Forest Cover from the present 2% .The project seeks to establish Wangari Green corners through the 71 tree initiative all over Kenya whereby individuals, institutions, Corporates, Non Profit Organizations, etc., will be sensitized to both plant trees and grow trees. It calls for people to plant their ages hence it's a continuous process as each year one should at a minimum plant another tree as they celebrate a new birthday.

Who's idea: The concept was initiated by the Rotary Club of Nairobi East (RCNE). RCNE in conjunction with the other Rotary Clubs in Kenya, has partnered with other key organizations to drive this long term initiative. These organizations include Green Africa Foundation, Kenya Forest Service, Ministry of Education, AAR and Vision 2030. Once the initiative is launched, other partners will be approached to join this project.

Why March 31st: Advised by the Kenya Forest Service as this takes into consideration the timing of the long rains.

Launch activities: To ensure a smooth launch and in view of the tight timeline, we will launch through selected high schools (2 in every county). The students in conjunction with Rotarians / Rotaractors / Interactors will plant 71 trees plus 1. The "1" refers to each student planting 1 tree that will kick off the process of planting their age and which they should complete before next year.

"Plant your age" will be an annual tree planting project. A "national tree planting day" could be birthed from this – and why not...

Key thing to note here is that the initiative is about planting trees and growing them.

It would be great if the same Rotarians / Rotaractors / Interactors would plan to water the trees they plant on RAW day which is on April 28th 2012 when Rotarians across the globe carry out hands-on community service projects.

This is a project that meets a need in our community and will no doubt bring lasting improvements.

Might I add that this project would make the late Honourable Michuki proud as it would Wangari Mathaai.

I would want to know that you have received this email and kindly request a confirmation (just to me and not to ALL). In your confirmation, let me know who the Service Project Chair of your club is and copy them on the email. I will liaise with them directly.

Kind regards,

Phoebe Gitau, RAW Country Officer

Addendum by RCN president Sally:

Further to my mail last week on this great event set for 31st March 2012, a few questions have come up on provision of the trees. Rotary is partnering with Kenya Forestry Services who will provide the seedlings. Should you wish to make a donation to this event we can still do so; donations will be to the name of Rotary Club of Nairobi East who are the champions of this event. Whatever we raise will be used to support expenses for the 31st March event or invest in the next activity which will be a watering event for the same project. Please let me know how many of you will be participating on 31st March 2012 so that I can communicate the numbers to the organizers.



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