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Highlights of actions taken by the Rotary International Board of directors At It's September, 2011 meeting.

The second meeting of the 2011–12 RI Board of Directors was held on 26–30 September 2011, in Evanston, Illinois, USA. At this meeting the Board reviewed 17 committee reports and recorded 120 decisions.


The Board reviewed redistricting proposals from Europe and the Middle East and agreed to the following, effective 1 July, 2013:

• District 1840 is split into new District 1841 (Austria) and new District 1842 (Germany).

• District 2040 is split into new District 2041 and District 2042, both in Italy.

• District 2450 is split into new District 2451 (Egypt) and District 2452 (Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates).

The Board endorsed a membership goal of 1.3 million Rotarians to be reached by 30 June 2015. To help reach this goal, regional teams of Rotary leaders will develop three-year regional development and retention plans.

In an effort to increase the number of young professionals in RI membership, and to better transition Foundation alumni into Rotarians, the Board encouraged Rotary clubs to allow Foundation alumni to attend their sponsor club's meeting for six months without invitation following their term of service. The Board also adopted specific guidelines—called New Generations are the Future of Rotary—for club use to more effectively attract and engage young professionals.

The Board added Rotary public image coordinators to the Governors-elect Training Seminar training team and further added the topic of public image to the training curriculum.


In support of the RI Strategic Plan goal of increasing humanitarian service by working with other organizations, both the RI Board and Foundation Trustees approved a new joint partnership model and guidelines. Further to this goal, the Board

• renewed its Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for an additional three years;

• concurred with the Trustees' decision to finalize a strategic partnership with UNESCO-IHE;

• authorized an agreement with Shelterbox as a project partner;

• renewed its service partnership with the Dollywood Foundation.

The Board agreed to establish annual and bi-annual RI Board performance goals in alignment with the RI Strategic Plan, and requested the general secretary to develop a mechanism to ensure annual strategic alignment between the RI president, president-elect, president-nominee, and the Board, for annual review at the Board's first meeting.

The Board agreed that a "one Rotary" alumni approach is consistent with the RI Strategic Plan. A joint RI/TRF alumni function would recognize all Rotary program participants and allow a uniform gathering of information about alumni, while still differentiating the groups by program and status.


As of 10 August 2011, US$188,194,000 has been raised toward Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge.

The Board discontinued RI recognition of multidistrict service activities and projects. Policy guidelines for groups involved in these types of activities and projects will remain; only now they will no longer have formal RI recognition.

Noting that Rotary club membership now includes community leaders, retired persons, and others not currently in businesses or professions, the Board amended RI's Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions to now be a "Rotary Code of Conduct." To relate the Object of Rotary to corporate social responsibility practices, the Board adopted the following statement:

From its origins, Rotary has built a philosophy based upon integrity in businesses and professions. Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians are committed to Vocational Service and high ethical standards in all of their interactions. These are summed up in the Object of Rotary, our core values (Service, Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity, Leadership), The Four-Way Test, and the Rotary Code of Conduct, carried out through our worldwide network of Rotary clubs and Rotarians.

For Rotary International, as a corporate entity, its social responsibility philosophy can be summed up by our commitment to transparency in governance, stewardship of financial resources and the environment, and fair labor practices.

To ensure that districts can begin public outreach initiatives at the beginning of the 2012–13 Rotary year, the Board advanced its deadline for the 2012–13 Public Relations grant applications to 4 March 2012.

Depending on local circumstances, the Board provided for Rotaract clubs to conduct meetings online.

The Board recognized the Rotarian Jazz Fellowship, which aims to build new and lasting relationship between Rotarians around the world interested in jazz music.


The Board accepted the proposal from Districts 1960 and 1970 (Portugal) to host the RI convention in Lisbon, Portugal on 23–26 June 2013, and tentatively selected Toronto, Ontario, Canada as the site for the 2018 RI convention.

The Board accepted the audited statements and report on RI's financial results for 2010–11. The results will be published in the annual report.

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