Reminder: Registering on My Rotary

Please find herewith the steps to register on My Rotary:

1) go to www.rotary.org
2) at the top/bottom are options for “My Rotary”
3) click on My Rotary
4) sign in/ register (& click on create account)
5) enter your email address & assign My Rotary a password
6) enter the required data- Name, Address etc. most importantly, your Rotary ID (each Rotarian has a Rotary ID- contact the club PA & club Secretary/ treasurer for your ID in order to register correctly). Please have your Rotary ID before you register on My Rotary in order to correctly complete the process.
7) confirmation will be sent on your email address, go to your email inbox and click the link in the email.
8) registration in My Rotary complete.

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