September 2017 was designated Rotary International Basic Education and Literacy Month so that globally all Rotary Clubs could organize, fund and participate in literacy enhancing community and school activities.  The purpose of this focus is to create a culture of reading locally and globally.

Our oldest club, the Rotary Club of Nairobi, with President Mohamedali leading the way, rolled up its sleeves to read to children as individual Rotarians took to the schools to spend an hour reading in schools to approximately 950 children.  It was an absolute success all around. Rtn Mari Nelson coordinated the whole event. The children enjoyed, the Reading Rotarians enjoyed, the school personnel and parents enjoyed so much that we will do it again next year but with more schools and more Reading Rotarians.  Reading Rotarians included President Mohamedali, Salim, Joan, (who played her guitar and performed with the children), Darsi, Addah, Bernard, Joseph, Mari, Renatta, Kalpa, Jessica, David, Elizabeth, Ritesh.  The schools who partnered with us in this very colorful and successful activity were Kenya Science Children’s Centre, Ms. Kagwiri; Jamhuri Primary School, Mrs. Kimani; Arya Vedic Primary School, Ms. Mohammed; and Arya Primary, Mr. Njoroge.  These schools were selected because we had worked with them on other projects previously, furthermore, it was one way to revive or initiate new Interact Clubs within the schools.

In light of this initiative the RCN donated books, health care, toys and promised to return to the schools to read throughout the year. The teachers were invited to our Rotary fellowship on 5th October 2017 and club members have promised to visit their schools regularly.

Well done All!!!